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 Oh Heaven and Hell, The Monster Sagas/A Season of Afflicted
 Posted: Nov 26 2013, 10:02 PM

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The Intro so far.

I need halp. I'm lacking time to be able to look into all the Afflicted we have and what I have in mind for my Afflicted series, or rather my Saga of Stories, split by Mythos/Theme.

The opening novel length story or three will be how they all came to be (in my interpretation) and how the go about living their lives or their deaths (as I see fit).

I'll like to work closely with everyone by chapter. It's not just my story, but the a collection of stories stemming from your story/ies.

I'm still needing to flesh out my batch, but yeah, surprises. I want some new things for you guys.

So yeah, I look forward to work with all those that want to work with me. smile.gif


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Once I have Willow Mythos stuff to link, I'll update this here signature.

Until then, WOOF WOOF MOFOS!
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