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 What Are Some Themes You Think This Mythos Has?, Focusing the direction...
 Posted: Sep 14 2013, 10:32 PM

The Mother of the Willow

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A sort of continuation of this thread:

What are, ultimately, some themes you think fit this Mythos? I know we did discuss some stuff in the Skype chat about it. here's some basic conclusions most fo us agreed upon.

There is death and suffering in this Mythos, but mostly it's about life, the life of beings trying to exist and coexist in a morally grey world, the way life gives challenges you must either surmount or be crushed by, and how this can cause great suffering or great triumph. Everyone struggles and hurts. Tears for laughter, tears for sorrow. The more I look at Willow, my precious bby, the more I realize she works wonderfully well for this concept and even embodies it. Good reason she's the Mythos mascot then.

This Mythos is also a horror Mythos, and the subjects of Body Horror, Psychological horror, and existential horror should not be overlooked. Action, adventure, love, and comedy are all wonderful and should be included, but they should never overshadow the fact that this world, this universe, is a horrific one to live in for pretty much everyone involved. Hell, even for Abstracts - there's an Abstract that hunts them, after all, and when things that represent things like time, space, the unknown, and logic are being hunted (and could even die if you wanted them to), you know you live in a pretty crapsack world.

Not just that, but this is a tragic Mythos. People suffer and become monsters, literally, in this Mythos. People lose loved ones. Everyone can have personal tragedy, from Abstracts to Humans. That should not be overlooked, or disregarded for the sake of just making it horrifying. If we just wanna make it about horrifying monsters, well, that's what the Fear Mythos is for. Remember that the monsters, including even the Abstracts, are characters, too. Blue and Orange morality is still a moral code, and even eldritch alien characters are still characters.

Humans exist in this world, take care not to overlook them. The middle ground between them and the Abstracts are the Afflicted. Humans are powerless, Abstracts might as well be gods to them, and the Afflicted are kind of like the horrific version of the X-Men. Outcast and mistrusted by even humans who do think they're alright, and not really respected by the Abstracts due to their low-level power. This is the dynamic of this universe, and the implications behind such a world are frightening.

This is what we've so far come to agree upon between a few people in the Skypechat. If you have other themes that might fit and could build our Mythos, please discuss them here. :3

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Kiro Cloudwatcher
 Posted: Sep 15 2013, 08:43 AM

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I don't have much to add to this. I agree with it all.

Just commenting to say that this was my plan for my blog all along. Well sort off.
My blog will show a transition. A transition from the real world (but with Fears and slendy hiding in the shadows. Aka the normal slender/Fear verse-ish) to a world where afflicted are appearing all over. And the struggle Humans, Fears and afflicted (slendy will be dead by this point so he won't have to deal with it xD) go through while dealing with this change.

Of course it will be messy and horrific. But because I want to do this right its gonna take time. So far I've only written three posts without posting them. I've planned out the entire first arc already so I can start beginning to publish the posts soon.

The Only "problem" might be that its more an action blog than horror. Like most of my longer blogs. (I expect this one to be at least 250 posts long if I can write out everything I have planned.)
But I'm sure it will have its horror moments. And it will be easy for me to make smaller blog pasta derived from this that DO focus on horror. Which knowing my mind, will surely happen. (And of course others can too. The Cloudverse IS mostly open source anyway. )

So yeah expect some serious Afflicted action going on soon. Depending on when I get to that point. Have to kill slendy first and we all know you don't just randomly kill slendy. (Socky will play a major role from the start though. )

This post is just my way of saying. "I'm working on it." lol.

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