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 Categorizing the horror
 Posted: Sep 7 2013, 05:47 AM



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Alright everyone, it's been discussed so we might as well get a start on this.

It seems like a series of totally unconnected monsters isn't having quite the hook we hoped it would, so lets take a look at what we have an where we can go from here.

Are people thinking they want general categories like "abstract", "afflicted" and "sentimental"?

Are we looking at having more localized races like "aquatic afflicted", "subterranean" and "forest dwellers"?

Does it make sense to group them by their specific nature, i.e. "shadow creatures", "undead" or "eldritch things"?

The other, bigger, question is how would forming a more coherent world actually affect it?

Do these groups have their own beliefs or abilities? Do the aquatic afflicted act differently from the forest dwelling ones? Are some loyal to slendy or willow and others are not?

Did the ones in the mountains leave the forest to escape the Hunter creatures?

Do the subterranean ones avoid the surface dwellers and vice-versa?

Is this just a way of us organizing our thoughts and really has no story importance?

Is this going to be a sort of loose creation guideline for new members?

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Kiro Cloudwatcher
 Posted: Sep 15 2013, 09:28 AM

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I've said it before but the best way to categorize afflicted seems to be grouping them by which abstract created them. Of course an abstract can have different kinds of afflicted. But it makes sense that the abstract somehow influence their afflicted. (An Abstract with a connection to water is probably not gonna create something like the Charred one.)

I'm not sure we need to categorize Abstracts. (I can't even name an abstract that isn't a Fear or slendy. ._. ) They are the big shots in this world so unless we end up with a large amount of these things we won't need to categorize them, yet.

As for sentimentals.. I never liked the idea of them that much. I really don't now what to do with them. So I don't have any input on them. But I guess you can group these in the same way as the afflicted.(By abstract that created them.)

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