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 How Do We Promote Mythos Discussion?, ... And NOT Just Make New Monsters?
 Posted: Sep 1 2013, 09:56 PM

The Mother of the Willow

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Magi wanted a thread. Magi asked for the thread. Magi got the thread. :3

What can we all do to make this Mythos more conducive to getting people to discuss the Mythos as a whole and possibilities behind it, ratehr than just making new creatures?

Discuss. :3

Update: Because Magi asked me to log it and Eric asked what I was trying to do/envisioned for this Mythos...

My vision for this Mythos is ultimately to first build a pantheon of monsters and characters we can draw from. We have achieved that with the Afflicted. Then the next step would be allowing people to take those monsters and say, "Have at it, do what you want, even make new beings if you like. But tell a story. Do something with it."
[10:58:23 PM] DarkShadows: Maybe what we need is a limit on new creatures for a while.
[11:00:45 PM] DarkShadows: Let's all try something like this. Let's try another project, maybe. Maybe have everyone pick a few Afflicted, an Abstract, and create some human characters, and write a blog. Doesn't need to be a long blog. Can be a blogpasta. As long as we're writing something with characters we already have, and establishing ways these characters can behave and act. They're not cardboard props that stand in the background and look creepy (Slendy... *glares*), and they're not just templates for things and concepts (Fears... *glares*). These creatures have lives. They doubt, dread, hurt, and behave like humans. They are human in emotion (sometimes, how much depends on you), but they are also monstrous, and they can't always control *how* monstrous they are. This provides a great deal of inner turmoil and stuff.
[11:01:32 PM] DarkShadows: They can't connect to humans, humans fear them and they hunt humans. They can't connect to the Abstracts, their creators (purposeful or not), because they aren't truly on that level. They're in a sort of limbo.
[11:02:19 PM] DarkShadows: This is about them. This is about looking at the in-between. You can *also* choose to focus on the idea of humans versus these in-betweens. Ideally, the Abstracts should be background beings, brought in only when there's some serious shit going down.
[11:03:43 PM] DarkShadows: Think like how Lovecraft's Mythos had some beings, like Cthulhu, that were dangerous and powerful and Eldritch but not the *most* dangerous, powerful, or eldritch like something like Azathoth was (basically, reality is its dream and thoughts and if it wakes up nreality goes poof, that's crazy powerful right there).
[11:07:01 PM] DarkShadows: Similar concept with the Afflicted and the Abstract, except you have humans becoming Cthulhu or at the very least Shoggoths (very bad for one's mind and very traumatic), and the Azathoth-level (or below, depending on how strong you make your Abstracts) beings are so out there and eldritch they don't even think anything of the fact they're turning humans into monsters, and they don't care, because that's kind of just what they do and why they cause issues for humans. Slenderman, an Abstract in this case (lower in power but still powerful), does not really stop to think that "hey, maybe turning someone into a crying tree woman could bite me in the butt later, whatever man, I do my own thing. I can do some time-space bullshit later. It's what I dooooo~."
[11:07:08 PM] DarkShadows: Does *that* make more sense.

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 Posted: Sep 2 2013, 12:49 AM



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Not to get back into this entire discussion, we had enough of that on skype, but I still feel that simply having a pantheon of seemingly unrelated monsters wont inspire the sort of story telling you want.

This mythos feels a bit like a blank slate, which sounds good until you remember that it's a blank slate that needs to be filled by an entire community.

I think what we need to start with is a general consensus on what this world is, as opposed to just writing...hundreds of unique monsters will be insane (and not in a good way) but only having twenty unique monsters will be empty.

We have to have a world before we figure out who lives there; If I write my own places and you write your own places then it will never really join up. Don't trust that writing stories will connect, lets make them connect before we even write.

As such, wouldn't it make more sense to develop a number of "monster types" such as aquatic, insectoid, underground, shadow people, forest dwelling and mountain dwelling?

Why don't we make a few places we can all agree are places of interest and from there we can all start building out stories around the same few concepts and really make a cohesive whole?

Faith in chaos
 Posted: Sep 3 2013, 12:27 PM

The Harbringer of the Funk


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I do agree that- when all is said and done- if we don't have some kind of general consensus and a set number of basic concepts, then... well... we'll be writing a bunch of individual stories- sometimes with no relation to each other- and then pretending that they have common ground when they really don't have much common ground, if any.

I agree with KingFisher PARTIALLY, and by that I mean I don't think that the blogs should connect as in be part of ONE setting. I do think we should generally TRY using the SAME settings, concepts, and creatures in a Fear Mythos-like way.

I think we should take what we have, maybe add concepts that are needed, and set that as out base ground to write off of, and generally try to make the story and the aspects of the creature new or unique instead of making EVERYTHING new and unique.

I stated my feelings on new Fears in the Fear Mythos and I'll repeat it here- it's easy to make a new being and a new setting if you just write off the top of your head- but taking an established creature, or setting, and bending it enough so that you can make your own story without using BRAND NEW AFFLICTED each time and make it WORK... that takes a lot of hard work, thought, and determination, and it gives a cathartic happy feeling to you in the end.

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 Posted: Sep 7 2013, 05:27 AM



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I'm confused by what you mean exactly, Zack.

You don't like them being part of one setting?

Does that mean you like them all being in the same world, but not directly connecting...or do you mean you like the idea that each exists totally independently?

I think the latter is one reason I lose interest in Fear, I read a bunch of stories and yet after all those blogs it seems like there is nothing to gain, no where else to go.

Most successful stories have a world you can really get involved in, characters and settings that become important as the effects of one story influence or reference others.

Would it not be stronger if one story might hint at a place that another shows?

Faith in chaos
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