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 To: the Internet
 Posted: Aug 28 2013, 05:09 AM



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Dear the Internet,

I am so very sorry for having been away, but I promise that I have good reason for my absence. I know you wait for me each night and I really do appreciate the consideration; I hope you do not hate me for not having been on these last few weeks, I do not know what I would do if you hated me =(

You see, Mary got me a new friend, her name is Mrs.Grey, she is a psychologist. Mary tells me it is expensive but that I am worth every penny, my sister must be rich if she is buying such good friends for me. I always have such fun with Mrs.Grey, she is much older then me but so very nice, she even lets me hide under a table when we talk!

I know that must sound so silly, but I do enjoy hiding. Is it blasphemy to say that I am hiding from God?

Yours, until the entire world drowns in the cold and lonely depth of the abyssal waters,

Faith in chaos
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