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Nov 26 2013, 10:02 PM
The Intro so far.

I need halp. I'm lacking time to be able to look into all the Afflicted we have and what I have in mind for my Afflicted series, or rather my Saga of Stories, split by Mythos/Theme.

The opening novel length story or three will be how they all came to be (in my interpretation) and how the go about living their lives or their deaths (as I see fit).

I'll like to work closely with everyone by chapter. It's not just my story, but the a collection of stories stemming from your story/ies.

I'm still needing to flesh out my batch, but yeah, surprises. I want some new things for you guys.

So yeah, I look forward to work with all those that want to work with me. smile.gif

Oct 19 2013, 02:53 AM
Itching to write something, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I am back into the game and have another Companion for my little Fear Afflicted. I feel like I can make a family of these.

So, yes, expect something by Tuesday at the latest.

But I will have to introduce new characters, before I can go about to including the other afflicted. This thread is where you guys let me know if I can use your characters for this little project.

It's all in story format and set in what I am temporary calling the Mask Verse, as the second Afflicted I am creating has a mask as well... unless you count it for his face.
Sep 12 2013, 02:10 AM
We are a small group that currently gains members from our neighbors.

We need to start putting together something like an informative PDF or some such, a multipurpose brochure or booklet that we can then distribute to our peers and such in other groups or communities and start to tap into other areas to garner members.

We can either have a little eBook magazine or just a informative PDF that has revisions every few months or so as needed or even multiple different copies that we can stick up in places or leave around in places.

I know we are still laying out WHAT ARE WE DOING and WHO we are as a group and such, but this could possibly help focus ideas. After all, we can present what we are in a way that will interest people to come join AND stay with us.

We may not be ready, which I can understand, but the idea is to

1) Start working towards a means to advertise in many places, either online or in real life, and

2) Start to center ideas and just prod things into process so that we can see what we are trying to advertise and either work with it or change things in our structure until all can flow smoothly.
Aug 3 2013, 08:13 AM
When I get something more wordy together before or with the character sheet I'm making for my Afflicted, I'll chuck it here.

But I know want to mention that my little guy becomes kinda even more pitiful now, as it sounds like he is more sick then altered biologically.
Jul 18 2013, 07:59 PM
I'm being active in something that doesn't require me trying to write creatively all the while fighting with myself on what I want it to happen.

At the moment, I have no agenda other than to eventually use this for everything Fear, Slender, Willow, Holders and SPC. My game review site idea might get dragged into here one day or may not, but I may do games either way.


FaceBook Page:

I may add a Twitter for those tweeters to keep updated youtube channel when I start doing videos.

I can do blog reviews and I promise not to nitpick. Unless something throws me off with the flow of the story, because I hate that.

You may post stuff here on this thread or threads on other forums that I may already have or may post on, the Facebook page and the blog itself.
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