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 The Horrible Thought, It's all up to you.
 Posted: Jul 17 2013, 02:47 AM

The Father of the Willow.

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Yeah... so... here's my Altered. His name is the Horrible Thought. He has a spiky, scaly, sharp, body, and wears an animal skull (what animal? I dunno) over his face(?)
He carries around the Girl... or rather, half of the Girl. I call her the Girl because her name is unknown. He carries her around by her spine. Yeah, she's cut in half and covered in blood with various stab/cut wounds on her body.

I know I'm being very vague but... that's what this Altered is known for. If you missed the RP that I did over Skype, you missed a really epic story that I made on a whim.

So yeah, this Altered was not created by Slenderman, but some other being (Who would that be? I dunno, do you?) He basically messes with your mind and eats your thoughts. Does he kill you when he eats your thoughts? I dunno. Does he just eat one thought then go away? I dunno. It's really all up to you.

He's an open source character... along with the Girl. He's YOUR Horrible Thought.




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 Posted: Jul 17 2013, 02:51 AM

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Bunny this does not explain anything I hate you.

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Deliver the Divine, Ragnarok
 Posted: Jul 17 2013, 02:51 AM

The Mother of the Willow

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I just wanna say the Skype RP bunny did with this guy, OMG. It was great. We came up with theories about everything from paradoxes to comas to dying dreams to horrible thoughts about what COULD happen on a hypothetical camping trip. It was glorious.

I like the whole concept of this Altered. I like the idea of it being a thought-eater, and I like the idea of it being so vague. I think this is exactly what Creepypasta needs more of, more beings like this that work vaguely and that aren't as defined. That after all was how Slenderman got started, and he's still considered a great success with Creepypasta... if overdone from the popularity now.

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 Posted: Jul 18 2013, 02:42 AM



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You guys make me regret dying so soon...though I did have a great time with someone else that night ^^;

As for this character, do you have any idea why he drags this body around?

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