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 We, the Afflicted: A Few Guidelines, Some suggestions for writing...
 Posted: May 5 2013, 07:08 PM

The Mother of the Willow

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Hey all! ^w^

First of all, I'd like to take this time to point out that I'm not the only person who helped make the Willow Mythos a thing. Soul-Eating Bunny, a friend of mine over on Slender Haven, could rightfully be considered the Weeping Willow's dad, since it was his Fear Mythos ARG (Corvidaek) that spawned the Willow in the first place and cemented her connection to the Slenderman. ZacksQuest should also get some credit too, since he was one of the first people to write a Willowblog (although his isn't done yet) and he's also the reason "In The Dark Shadows" exists. So I guess he's the Uncle of the Willow? O.o

Second of all, this thread is for guidelines and suggestions for those of you doing anything Willow Mythos. I have only a few suggestions regarding my Mythos, don't take these as strict rules (there really aren't any):

1. The Willow Mythos is totally and completely open. There is no canon. There are zero constants, only connections you can choose to make. As such you have totally free range on what you want to write or do. We have a Wiki for this stuff, too, in the Wiki thread. You should probably read that to see what kind of stuff we have and to get a feel for this Mythos and what tends to happen in it.

2. One word on stories with triggers or adult content - I don't care if you do them, I don't care if you link them here. But just be careful to give a warning in the thread about the story that it contains adult or triggering content. We do have minors on this forum and in Mythoi that might cross over with this Mythos, and we also have people that are triggered by things like sexual/physical/emotional abuse, flashing lights and colors, etc. You don't have to indicate triggers or that something's NSFW and nobody's gonna get in trouble if you don't, but please use good judgement when posting your stories up here. smile.gif

3. You are fully allowed to create your own beings and Altered characters, anything you want really. In fact, that's encouraged, since we don't know exactly how many humans the Slenderman transformed, or what exactly they were warped into. You can borrow from anywhere you want, but make sure you ask permission if a character isn't yours! The only two beings that are set characters in this universe are the Weeping Willow (Willow for short) and the Slenderman. Everything and everyone else is variable. You can even mix Mythoi if you like - for example, it's totally fine to have the Wooden Girl, from the Fear Mythos, in a Willowblog, since anything goes.

4. All ideas are tolerated, respected, and valued in this Mythos. In fact, I don't want to hear anyone on this forum shut another person's idea down just because they dislike it, that's douchey behavior and it makes me sad inside. I trust you guys to be civil, but if this does get out of hand I'll make it a forum policy that can be punishable if broken.

5. If you're going to use both Willow AND Slenderman in a story, there's only one suggestion I have - Willow is supposed to hate Slendy, at least on some level. She despises him! You can change anything else except that, if you are using BOTH her AND Slendy in a story. If you're using JUST her, then you have more freedom with this. Anything else about her can be changed.

6. A little bit about Willow: She looks somewhat like a cross between a long-haired human woman and a dead tree with no leaves on it. Her arms are replaced with black branches, she also has branches growing from her back. These extra limbs are flexible and quite sharp; she uses them as snares and as weapons. The sound of many voices sobbing in unison follows her wherever she goes, and the sound of it varies depending on the listener (some have heard more than one pitch to the voices, some have heard children sobbing, some have heard animal cries). She most often attacks children, the depressed or hurt, or the betrayed, although she will also attack intruders. She does have servants (known as Melancholies, or collectively, The Melancholy), and usually these are children she has captured. She lacks eyes and a mouth, instead she has holes where these would be. She constantly weeps a black ichor from her eye holes, and this substance takes the place of all her bodily fluids. So if you were to cut her, she'd bleed it, for example. Feeding a victim this fluid is also how she creates Melancholies. It is unknown why she wants or needs servants. Contact with her tends to cause gradually worsening depression and paranoia, with long term exposure leading some victims to suicide, mutilation, or delusions. Generally it is thought she can teleport short distances and possesses an uncanny strength and agility, but these aspects can always change - as can what she's really capable of...

the reason the willow weeps. is the willow weeps for you. user posted image

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 Posted: Jun 11 2013, 06:08 PM

The Harbringer of the Funk


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First of all...

ZacksQuest should also get some credit too, since he was one of the first people to write a Willowblog (although his isn't done yet) and he's also the reason "In The Dark Shadows" exists. So I guess he's the Uncle of the Willow? O.o

Crap, am I the creepy uncle who smokes all the Marlboros? Dang it.

Secondly, Shadows surprisingly forgot some links, so although I have no position of authority whatsoever, I would like to put these here.

The Willow Mythos Wiki

The List of Willow Mythos Stories.

(This one is more of a courtesy request. You don't even have to read a single Willowblog prior to writing, but it is highly recommended you read at least one blog, and maybe even give criticism on it! That would be greatly appreciated, and even if you don't plan on writing, it would be awesome if you guys can read all the works we've furiously worked on and give feedback. Who knows? It might give you that shining idea or maybe it will have you grow to love an Altered you used to hate. And... well... asking people to read your blog without you reading others' blogs is... kind of rude and a bit self-centered.)

Mental Health and Your Fearblog and Sexual Assault and Your Fearblog

(Okay, these articles were written in and for the Fear Mythos, but the same rules apply to this Mythos too. You don't like being offended or hurt, do you? Hollywood takes horrible shock-valued approaches to both of these and as a neurodiverse individual with an official diagnosis of both manic depression and acute "positive" schizophrenia and also as an asexual individual myself, I dislike it when people botch the idea. It's like saying all black people are like the characters from Tyler Perry's movies, or that all gay people wear pink and have their right hands perpetually cocked 90 degrees. It's a perverse view of the world from a nose too close to the grindstone and while it's understandable to let a word like "crazy" or even on the smallest of occasions something like "faggot" accidentally slip it would at least be nice to read these so you're conscious about it and you know that what you're doing is-not illegal, but morally frowned upon.

Nobody wants to hurt or be triggered or have to relive a possibly deep-rooted history of pain or abuse. It's, at its core, triggering people and it's not only deeply offensive, but shows a degree of ignorance. I'm sorry, but I take a very strong standpoint against stuff like this and I don't want stuff like this to be a frequent occurrence in the Willow Mythos smile.gif Thank you.)

Willow Mythos Blogs: The Branches Take

"When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city to see a marching band.
He said, 'Son when you grow up would you be the savior of the broken the beaten and the damned?'
He said, 'Will you defeat them: your demons, and all the nonbelievers the plans that they have made?
Because one day, I'll leave you, a phantom, to lead you in the summer, to join the Black Parade."
- ("Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance)
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