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Sep 20 2013, 03:31 AM
I want this blog (the perfect storm cloud) to be as good as it can be from the start. So I'll need some opinions. Three people would be enough. Maybe four if I can find that many.

All I want is someone to point out any mistakes, typos. But also if some of the content just isn't that good then I want someone to tell me so I can fix it. Or maybe the dialogue isn't that good, then I want to be able to fix it before posting it. Pretty much anything that you think is off.


Who's up for it? I've got 15 posts waiting to be read. (So far only Socky appears but that'll change soon.)
Aug 29 2013, 06:39 AM
This will start soon. Here's a Sneak peak.
Jul 19 2013, 05:09 AM
Well anyone who knows the Fear mythos knows these guys.
Pieces of what was once a very powerful being. They possess people and then corrupt their body in some way until they die.

Or some version of that.

So you're probably asking. "We already know this, why make a thread on them here?"
Well honestly I need help. XD
I have two important shards in my blog and I need to take one of them out.
Now normally you'd just let a more powerful shard absorb them. But well the shard in question is at the moment the most powerful Shard in Europe.(At least in my verse.)

Soooo I got another Idea, seal him in a special item. (Given to the protagonists by the Blind man. Sorry for spoilers x.x)
Now I'll stop talking to avoid more spoilers and get to the point.

I can't think of a good Item/object. (Why does this seem like a good way to include a bit of Holders to my blog?)

But yeah, I'd prefer to have an item that doesn't just seem random. So I'm here to ask for suggestions.

And once I got an answer we can keep this thread to talk more about dying man shards. Like for example:
What would happen if a Shard possesses an Altered?

Or stuff.
Jul 15 2013, 06:01 AM
Seriously don't read this if you hate Spoilers.
I'm not kidding, this is the entire plot of the Cloudverse. Well not the ENTIRE plot but still.

I just really wanted to write this down somewhere and maybe discuss it.


So billions of years ago, two God like beings (think cthulhu and the great old ones but ..not) get into a conflict. This ends up in both of them killing each other.
Their remains fall down on a primitive Earth.

One of the gods its corpse falls into the deep ocean and stays there, forever. Its Soul trapped In a dead body. (The Deep)
The same gods "blood" spills across the solar system. It slowly starts engineering Life and manipulates it through Evolution to get back to its body. (EAT)

The other god's body is entirely destroyed and its soul shattered across the universe. (Dying Man Shards)
Its blood spills on the Earth but most of it is spread over the Universe. (Red Cap)

The lingering Eldritch Energy from the battle is so massive that from it the Archangel is born.
But some of the Eldritch energy still lingered on Earth and it affected the life forms created and thrown aside by EAT.
First the Choir , Intrusion. and Convocation.
Each of these was accompanied by a mass exctinction of most life on Earth.

After that The Fears tried to make sure something like this wouldn't happen again and became more careful when handling Life.

But Then EAT became obsessed with gathering more knowledge. So she manipulated the Evolution of two species. Humans and dolphins.
With chimps and a few other deemed a failure even though they were intelligent too.

Eventually EAT focused on humans as they could build stuff. Which came in handy. But for some reason no mather what EAT tried, it could not find the Deep.

Meanwhile the human mind causes great moments of panic.
The Ice Age caused them to become afraid of the Cold.
The Black plague made them afraid of disease.

More and more New Fears popped up because of human fear.
Each time the fear of humans and the Eldritch enrgy of the existing Fears accumulates to a certain point, a new Fear is born.

It is then that the Slender man arrives on Earth.
You can see Slendy as a sort of janitor of the multiverse.
He was Created by the gods (there are more than the two dead ones out there) to clean up their messes they left in the multiverse.

One of these messes = The Fears.

He sees that this planet is infested with Fears and knows He can't take them all on at once. So he needs to weaken them.
He then notices the humans. Who for some reason seem like good soldiers to him.

So he starts kidnapping children. But unlike the Fears, he isn't sneaky about it. So the Humans notice him. They tell stories about him. And it isn't long before this leads to them discovering the other Fears.

But they mostly still think they are just stories. But EAT wants the humans to remain oblivious to them.

Meanwhile Slendy discovers "resonators" (for those who don't read Alicia's blog, they are humans with certain properties that amplify eldritch energy. This doesn't do much for the humans though. Except make them wanted by The Fears and Slendy.)

He realizes he can turn these resonators into something more powerful and starts capturing them. Using proxies to stalk them and other runners while he deals with the Fears. (Considering the Fears dislike him for blowing their cover, they tend to be aggressive towards him)

He then uses the blood from the Bleeding tree to "Alter" the resonators. And builds his own little army of monsters. (You need to be a Resonator to be able to become an Altered. And they're pretty rare. So thats why Alicia is hunted down by so many proxies at once.)

He plans on using the Altered to weaken the Fears so he can finish them off and clean up the planet. As the Fears are more powerful than most Altered but outnumbered by them. (He doesn't care about the humans so we might get extinct in the process. )

EAT Eventually finds out and tries to kill him. But I won't spoil how that ends up. Considering thats A really important plot point in my next blog.

So yeah, sorry for spoilers but opinions?

Jun 28 2013, 03:33 AM
I need about a thousand of them..
I have my reasons for this. Don't question me(ow)!

So get working on dem!

(about 50 would be good too. I can Come up with a few prolly but I need moar, for plot reasons.)

-makes sad cat eyes-
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