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 Forum/Skypechat Rules, Please follow these. :3
 Posted: Jun 11 2013, 06:13 PM

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Hello everyone! ^w^

First of all, I hope if you're new here, you're having fun reading and writing in our Mythos and chilling on our forums. We do have some guidelines here for everyone to follow, just to be sure everyone's civil. We here at We, The Afflicted (hereafter called WTA) trust you guys to behave and play nice, but just in case you can't... we have some general guidelines here. I know they're long, and I know they're annoying to read, but please read them - they're linked everywhere on the forums and the staff expects that you have read them BEFORE you begin posting stuff. If you break a rule and claim you didn't know about it, we will helpfully link you the rules again as a reminder.

We have two Admins here (DarkShadows and The Marquise/Alexa; The Administrator is only used for forum maintenance purposes and doesn't count) and two Moderators (Afterwards and SoulEatingBunny). If you have an issue with someone or something, please bring it to the attention of one of these folks. If you have questions about WTA as a whole, you can ask DarkShadows about them.

We have a Wiki, and these guidelines apply there while you're editing it as well as here. We also have a Skypechat and we will add you if you ask. We're all super-nice people and for the most part very welcoming, but we don't tolerate jerkass behavior. If you wouldn't do it on the forum, then don't do it in the Skypechat or on the Wiki. The Admins and Mods here ARE in the chat and Wiki, and we ARE watching. Be a decent human being and nobody will have an issue.

There are some terms you need to know before you read these rules. A Verbal Warning is what it sounds like - an Admin or Mod will verbally warn you (usually privately) that what you are doing is not acceptable. Take this seriously by listening the first time and we won't have any more issues after that. An Official Warning is a warning that is both done verbally in private, and is also reflected in your warn level in the mini-profile to the side of your posts. We do this to show that we really do take these rules seriously here. A Suspension or Temp Ban is a temporary removal of forum privileges, or a temporary removal from the Skypechat (it may also be both). After a certain period of time you may come back, and hopefully this will be enough incentive to follow the rules. Unfortunately, we do sometimes have to Ban people from the forums. If this happens, you may not come back to the forums or Skypechat; consider yourself permanently barred from returning. If you attempt to return under new accounts or otherwise continue to harass We, The Afflicted after this, you will also be IP Banned, meaning that your IP address will be banned from ever making an account on this forum again. Please don't make us do this, it's a hassle for other people who might have a similar or the same IP address...

To Parents of children and those under 15: This Mythos is a HORROR Mythos, and we do sometimes have graphic and disturbing content here. We discuss things that may be upsetting to some people and might offend others. Additionally, some members use strong language and we do not really filter out touchy discussion subjects here, because we do not believe in censoring others. If you or your parents are uncomfortable with this, you probably shouldn't join this forum.

The Rules:

1) You have the right to say what you want. This includes:
  • Swearing, although it's recommended you don't swear every other word, because that's annoying.
  • Having a different opinion to someone else, we don't censor people for beliefs here.
  • Ranting, if you're not directing it specifically at someone or just doing it to start a fight.
  • Joking around, as long as everyone understands you're joking. If you're not sure whether a joke would or wouldn't be sketchy or hugely offensive to make, don't make it.
  • Open discussion of sexuality or sexual orientation, religion, politics, and other issues considered to be "sensitive".
  • Putting your foot down on things that make you uncomfortable. Anyone who keeps pushing you after you mention you don't want to discuss something is the one who's in the wrong, not you. If you ever feel like someone has pushed your limits when you've asked them nicely to stop, privately let a Mod or Admin know and we'll take care of it.
We trust our users here and on Skype to behave with basic decency and good common sense. If you think something you say could hurt someone, start a fight, or offend, it's best not to say it, and if you do cause a problem, try to fix it and apologize.

2) Do not be a douchecanoe. The following things are what we here at the Willow Mythos forums consider "being a douchecanoe":
  • Disrespecting other members and/or forum staff members. This includes disparaging or otherwise invalidating other peoples' ideas or opinions just because you disagree or dislike that member. If you ever have an issue with someone, please bring it up to a Mod or Admin so we can mediate and, if necessary, get together with the other person and fix the problem. NEVER take things into your own hands or try to "get even" with someone. For more information, please watch this video. First offense: Verbal Warning. Second Offense: Official Warning. Third Offense: Official Warning and 24-hour suspension, plus an additional 24 hours every time after. If you still don't get it after this, you'll be banned. Please don't make us ban you for something this stupid.
  • Arguing with Staff Members after they have warned you or otherwise had to put the Mod/Admin hat on. Please don't do this, it's annoying as hell. We aren't going to penalize you that much for doing this, because we believe in allowing people to speak their mind here, but if you continue to argue we'll consider it disrespectful behavior and Verbally Warn you. Continuation of this behavior will fall under "Disrespecting Others" and be treated as such.
  • Joking about sexual assault. No. No, this is not funny or alright and a lot of our members here will never be alright with this. Sex jokes are fine, being goofy is fine. Rape jokes will never be okay here. This kind of behavior can be triggering and is disrespectful. For a better explanation of this, please read the thread here. First Offense: Verbal Warning. Second Offense: Official Warning and 24-hour suspension. Third Offense: Week long suspension. Do it again after this and you'll be banned.
  • Bigotry in general. EVERYONE of EVERY GROUP OF PEOPLE is welcome in this Mythos. Just don't do it. This includes what Zack brings up here about mental illness and sexual assault. Please be sensitive about what you say; there ARE other human beings on the other end. First Offense: Verbal Warning. Second Offense: Official Warning and 24-hour suspension. Third Offense: Week long suspension. Do it again after this and you'll be banned.
  • Sexual harassment. Come on, that's really fucking creepy, and I don't care where you're from - around here we'll be using 18 as the age of consent. We define "Sexual Harassment" as any of the following things:

    -- Constantly making crude sexual jokes about a person after they've asked you to stop.
    -- Hitting on someone after they've asked you to stop.
    -- Posting porn or sexually graphic images to elicit the response of others (also counts as spamming).
    -- Asking someone if they would like to "Cyber" or engage in sexually explicit RPs if they have said no.
    -- Joking about a person's sexual experiences (this includes slut shaming AND making fun of someone for being a virgin) with the intent to make them feel uncomfortable (also counts as Cyberbullying).
    -- Doing any of the above things to a minor (also counts as Pedophilia, we do NOT tolerate this AT ALL).

    We are open-minded people and we do joke around about this, but there is a penalty if you go too far: If we have any reason to suspect you are doing this, you WILL be Perma-banned from the forums and removed from the Skypechat. And if you ever feel like someone is doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, please report it to one of the two admins so we can look into it.
  • Doing anything that would be illegal where you live. This includes giving/asking for links to Warez, hacked/cracked software, hacking/cracking tools, illegal downloads, or anything else that would be considered pirating. Please do NOT post Torrents, .RAR, .ZIP, .EXE, .BAT, .VBS, or .EXE files here. Penalty: Month-long suspension from the forums. Do it again and you're banned from the forums, Wiki, and Skypechat.
  • Bringing outside drama into the forum, Wiki, or Skypechat. No. Just... no. Listen, folks, some of us here also hail from the Slenderman Mythos, and we're sick of dealing with drama - it wasn't cool there, and it's not cool here either. Don't start it here. Don't bring it here. Leave your issues at the door, or resolve it somewhere else; we're not your marriage, guidance, or school counselor. First Offense: Verbal Warning. Second Offense: Official Warning. Third Offense: 24-hour suspension, and an additional 24-hours for every offense after this. If you can't stop after all this, you'll be banned.
  • Cyberbullying. Is. Absolutely. Not. Tolerated. Here. Being trollish and goofy is alright, but when it starts becoming painful, embarrassing, or cruel, it's bullying, and that's not okay. One of the Admins was the victim of cyberbullying once, it was very traumatic for her, and we refuse to let anyone else on any forum we administrate to go through that same kind of pain. This is a real, serious issue; people really do get hurt by this. If you ever feel another member is cyberbullying you, please bring it up with an Admin or Mod immediately, and we'll get to the bottom of it. Penalty: 4-month ban from the forums, Skypechat, and Wiki, with ban length depending on the length that the bullying went on (it increases by a month the longer it has gone on). Breaking this rule in conjunction with another will get you a Perma-ban from the forums and Wiki, and a permanent removal from the Skypechat.
3) We do allow everything and anything here, including touchy subjects, non-horror subjects, and monsters from other Mythoii, but we do ask that you not post files, stories, or photographs with pedophilic, illegal, pirated/stolen, extremely gory/distasteful, or offensive content. Squick is fine, but full on graphic depictions of murder are not. Please use common sense! First Offense: Verbal warning and removal of content. Second offense: Official Warning. Third Offense: 48-hour suspension. Do it again after this and you're banned.

4) Do not spam the forums or the Wiki. These don't really go for the Skypechat, since we're more lax there and it's hard to spam a Skypechat, but try not to spam there, either. The penalty for spamming is a verbal warning, then an official warning, then a 24-hour suspension with an additional 24 hours added for every repeated offense. Do it too often and you'll be banned from the Forums, the Wiki, and the Skypechat. To clarify, the following things are considered spamming:
  • Double-posting (Unless you're updating your blog, vlog, or story thread)
  • Posting hyperlinks to sketchy-looking sites, or posting just a hyperlink without any comment or context.
  • One-line responses like "Yeah" or "I agree".
  • Repeatedly calling a member's name in the Skypechat, whether or not they have Skype set to notify them if their name's called.
  • Posting advertisements or porn anywhere on the forums, in the Skypechat, or elsewhere.
  • Begging another member for favors after they have said no.
  • Flooding the Shoutbox so that you're the only poster visible.
  • Hit-And-Run Posting: Signing up just to post about and advertise your story, then never posting again.
5) Have fun, write, and enjoy the community! ^w^

-- Revised 8/25/13

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