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Jun 12 2013, 12:33 AM
A sudden Transmission...

???: Saaaakkkuuummooooooo!
???: Arreee you tttheeerrrreeee?
???: Please answer.
???: I'm really hungry.
???: I even resorted to eating a cockroach!
???: ...
???: Gotcha' didn't I?
???: ...
???: Please respond...

You awake in a damp cell. You can see a pipe, but you don't know if it's any good. There's also a bed that's damp as all hell in water. Never really was a good bed... Too many lumps. There's also a wooden dresser. Oddly enough it's dry.

What is it you wish to do?
Jun 5 2013, 05:38 AM
"Well look at that! You've entered the new and improved Game Board! I'm your VERY special host, Ein. The usual Game Master got terribly sick after his private meeting with The Archangel. Or as I call him, the ArchANGLE. Hahahaha! Oh my! I crack myself up every time I crack that one. But please, tell me your name."


"Hmm, hmm. I see. Well, let's take a swing at your age."


"Well, let's hope you're not taken advantage of! That reminds me, your gender!"


"Time to take that back around to your height little human!"


"Though don't get me wrong! Even Elderich Beings can enter this marvelous game! You'll just be stripped of your power until you become a high enough level!"

Elderich Being? [ ] Yes [ ] No

"But I guess we can have a little talk about your world then. Well, this is the Social Game Board! You meet people, much like in a regular human MMORPG! And if you're lucky! I'll come around at certain points in your journey to help you out with some items from my Chest of Wonder™! Now, one more thing. Within the game, you can buy a scroll that will give you a pet. That pet being a child version of your favorite Fear Being! They're COMPLETELY passive and will not attack you or anyone else. Unless you tell them to. But don't lie here. The most powerful pets from the start are the ones that take less to be killed, meaning high risk high reward. The ones weak by nature, are the ones that level up their skills much more faster."

Favorite Fear:

"Now, one more thing. The way you level up! You can level up via killing things. Exploring is also a good way if you wanna find dungeons to earn even MORE EXP! But, these mean nothing but good visits from me! For the Elderich Beings, it means I may hold your powers! And probably even more! Though all of your traits are within your own power. If you're good at swingin' that sword all 'round everywhere, well you're just as good as a DPS class. But you also may be wondering. 'But hey there cool fantastic awesome sexylishis guy Ein! What about the magic classes?' Don't you worry my sexy babes I got just the remedy for you! There are magic potions dropped by enemies EVERYWHERE! If you can drink a TON of them, then you can gain magical abilities! These are, but are not limited to: Fire Balls, Healing, Revival, Ice Blast, Earth's Wrath, Quickness Buff, <SPEEED COOOLLLAAAAAAA>, Jugger's Juggernaut, aaaaaaand~ The Girl's Sadistic Laugh! Each of these come with a description. Except the ones that are self explanatory. Like Fire Balls and Healing! Right, this was a TON of information. But, if you want to survive, then I suggest getting the pull hand booklet of the rules from your Hyperspace Invo™. Have fun meeting and teaming with other players! And thanks for listening to this pre-recorded message. And remember, blind or deaf people get a special healing catering. Meaning that if you were blind or deaf, or even a mute! You're cured now. Haaaaave fun!"

After the recording was done, after the long minutes of you sitting in that comfy seat that healed all your wounds. The door leading out of the dark metal pod opened into the vast land that is called. GAME BOARD. Every area is specialized to each player themselves. Which is where they appear at. But in-front of the pod just afew meters away, away enough for the player to get out. Is a map. The map would show the whole player's area, and how close the portal is. And will show the name of other players.

Creator's Note!
Well, I hope you guys get into this. It took some time. I made it so that everyone can be a hero in their own right, and whenever a player gets to the specialized town I'll explain what it's like. You can make your own portal right near the pod, or far away. It's your own world you've spawned in, and it's your own right to make it all fair. This is something made to force people to work together and lower their senses of being a hero. I had that problem, and still have it. I HATE working with others, and like being a hero by myself. BUT. This also helps with Blog Writing, as most blogs will show a single being being stronger than the rest after a short time. Sometime they gain their powers even before they're supposed to! But anyway, this is all here because you guys need more Roleplays and the fact that if Willow is entered in, she'd be a cute as fuck human. (She's also one of the pets! But she cost around... 600Mill? Yeah, expensive as fuck for a cute chibi pet I know.) Anyway, I hope many people want to participate in this! An ARG may also be put on too!
May 19 2013, 11:52 PM
Not many know me, no!

But I love DarkShads. <3

And I'm the creator of this blog right here!

Willow plays a little role in it as the helper of the main character!

Oh, and if you know me then come here and give me a hug. <3
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