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 The story\
 Posted: Jun 12 2013, 12:33 AM

High School Level Despair Team

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A sudden Transmission...

???: Saaaakkkuuummooooooo!
???: Arreee you tttheeerrrreeee?
???: Please answer.
???: I'm really hungry.
???: I even resorted to eating a cockroach!
???: ...
???: Gotcha' didn't I?
???: ...
???: Please respond...

You awake in a damp cell. You can see a pipe, but you don't know if it's any good. There's also a bed that's damp as all hell in water. Never really was a good bed... Too many lumps. There's also a wooden dresser. Oddly enough it's dry.

What is it you wish to do?

Cecilia wore a shirt that day, which said "Fuck me. Hard." Though. Nobody really thought much of it, and she remained a virgin. THE END.

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