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Sep 7 2013, 05:47 AM
Alright everyone, it's been discussed so we might as well get a start on this.

It seems like a series of totally unconnected monsters isn't having quite the hook we hoped it would, so lets take a look at what we have an where we can go from here.

Are people thinking they want general categories like "abstract", "afflicted" and "sentimental"?

Are we looking at having more localized races like "aquatic afflicted", "subterranean" and "forest dwellers"?

Does it make sense to group them by their specific nature, i.e. "shadow creatures", "undead" or "eldritch things"?

The other, bigger, question is how would forming a more coherent world actually affect it?

Do these groups have their own beliefs or abilities? Do the aquatic afflicted act differently from the forest dwelling ones? Are some loyal to slendy or willow and others are not?

Did the ones in the mountains leave the forest to escape the Hunter creatures?

Do the subterranean ones avoid the surface dwellers and vice-versa?

Is this just a way of us organizing our thoughts and really has no story importance?

Is this going to be a sort of loose creation guideline for new members?
Sep 2 2013, 01:00 AM
I have a simple question for everyone.

If we were to sit down at a table and plan out this mythos at a basic level, what would you like to see in it?

-Would you like it to simply start as a forest where we can all write our own totally unique monster concepts and then try to connect them?

-Would everyone like to have an "avatar" in this mythos, a single character you can use in stories and roleplays, that will allow you to explore the world and interact with other peoples characters?

-Would you like to start by getting together on skype or the forum and fleshing out the world at a basic level, establish locations in this world and the types of creatures/afflicted who live there, then base our stories and roleplays off of this mutually created fantasy world?

Right now we're taking the first option, it's allowing a lot of freedom and creativity but it also has a very high bar of entry for all of us since it requires full stories to flesh out concepts. It's both the best, and most difficult way of starting a new series.

I personally think the last option is the best if we're wanting to make this a full mythos, nothing needs to be set in stone, lets just come up with some guidelines based on what we've thought up...without the requirement of having to each write our own full stories in order to present these elements (thus letting people write stories about these elements simultaneously)

I also think the second idea, which is my latest, is kind of fun. If we all agreed to have one character who was "us" in this mythos then we could keep it simple and give an easy hook for new members.

"Just make up any character you want and tell a short story, others will find you and your adventure can begin"

Let me know what you guys think, which of these three...or come up with your own ways of setting up "Afflicted" so that we can work together and continue to develop this great mythos idea further.
Sep 2 2013, 12:51 AM
I apologize, but due to the conversation on skype today I've decided to hold off on The Altered Project until we decide how to progress.

For those who missed it, I'm thinking we should establish a world before we continue writing more...and so until i know how we approach this it would be silly to try and make a larger network of stories.

Lets figure this out together!
Aug 28 2013, 05:09 AM
Dear the Internet,

I am so very sorry for having been away, but I promise that I have good reason for my absence. I know you wait for me each night and I really do appreciate the consideration; I hope you do not hate me for not having been on these last few weeks, I do not know what I would do if you hated me =(

You see, Mary got me a new friend, her name is Mrs.Grey, she is a psychologist. Mary tells me it is expensive but that I am worth every penny, my sister must be rich if she is buying such good friends for me. I always have such fun with Mrs.Grey, she is much older then me but so very nice, she even lets me hide under a table when we talk!

I know that must sound so silly, but I do enjoy hiding. Is it blasphemy to say that I am hiding from God?

Yours, until the entire world drowns in the cold and lonely depth of the abyssal waters,
Aug 1 2013, 02:13 AM
does anyone have a way that we could bring together the various new altered concepts into a single event?

I like the approach, but having a single catalyst that really gives a reason for these to emerge would be a good idea. Something that would encourage forgotten monsters to come from their caves, and new ones to possibly form.

I've thought of a portal opening, but that seems to cliche (also see: easy mode)

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