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 Altered Project story discussion thread, or: how I learned to talk about stories
 Posted: Aug 28 2013, 10:13 AM

The Mother of the Willow

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Question, Eric, how are you gonna read Bunny's story? His was an RP we did... and I don't think anyone logged it.

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 Posted: Aug 29 2013, 03:19 AM



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Good question!

The thing is, i'm focused more on concepts to help get people thinking then I am about actual writing. The series and the community are more your thing, this is just my attempt to get people involved.

If Bunny did it and you all enjoyed it, my job is complete on that front.

I'll hopefully get on skype tomorrow and someone can maybe give me the concepts and ideas that were put fourth even if not the actual RP itself.

As I said, the big thing for me is just making sure people start talking a little more as we expand on these ideas. i'm sort of making it up as I go, to be totally honest ^^'

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