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 Within The City Walls, The Bearers' Headquarters
 Posted: Aug 12 2013, 09:45 PM

The Mother of the Willow

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To be fair, it was really more like a large suburban town than a city. That is, there were no skyscrapers, not many high-rising structures (too vulnerable to lightning strikes), and very few towers. Of course there was a marketplace, farmlands where food was obtained from, and a thriving community, however small. But to step outside of the city's walls would have been suicide. Not that life was much easier within the city, what with people finding and even falling to their Personal Fears. They really did need to create some sort of Fear-Human relationship counselor for these things, a mediator. But that was still a barely new field, and so confusing were the ways the mind of these beings worked at times, that none really knew how to deal with it beyond controlling anxiety, and controlling phobias. At least the counselors were getting paid decently, that is, when they weren't dealing with their own Personal Fears...

It was 9:30 AM on a Monday morning. Shadows groaned as the alarm went off, slamming her palm against the button and shuffling in bed. Did she really have to get up? It's not like she had much of anywhere to go...

///Oh yes you do.///

"Evergreen, please, you might not need sleep but I do."

///You always forget these things. Need I remind you that we were supposed to step Outside and meet someone? A certain important someone who is bringing supplies to the city?///

Oh right. That. Dammit, why couldn't the Council, those who ran the city, have just drawn someone else today? Protecting envoys was worse than jury duty, civil service, and cleaning up highway trash combined. Not that she'd broken the law much, but then again, everyone had to bend the rules a little bit.

Shadows sat up in bed and stretched, slowly accustoming herself to the morning sun that shone through the window through the haze outside. Evergreen, as tall as ever, stood outside the window, blank face peering in at her intently through her second story window.

"Hey, you. Five more minutes, then I'll get up. I promise."

///No. Get up. We have work.///

Shadows sighed heavily. She hated mornings. Especially in this city. There hadn't been a Fear attack in over a year now, their city was safe enough and she was sick of going through the motions. Not that she really wanted more attacks; hell, nobody wanted that. But what she did want was a little excitement.

///If you need excitement and motivation, my sapling, I can easily provide it to you,/// the tall being replied with a vague sinister tone.

"No no, that's fine, please don't," Shadows responded, shuddering as she recalled the last time Evergreen had decided to 'motivate' her. She hadn't slept for weeks. "Let me just get dressed and grab something to eat and I'll be right out there."

///I could always come inside instead.///

"Dude, you barely fit inside my house. Give me fifteen, twenty minutes and I'll be right out."

Shadows grumbled as she walked downstairs to her kitchen. Not even three months since she'd found the new house, and she was already having issues with a certain tall and faceless roommate's ideas of what constituted being active and alert. Business as usual.

tap. taptaptap.

Shadows looked up from her cereal to find Evergreen tapping at her kitchen window with a tendril, teasing her as usual.

"Seriously bro, cut it out."

She could swear it was laughing at her. Of course. Fucking troll.

///I heard that.///

Shadows smirked. "I know you did."

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 Posted: Aug 12 2013, 10:34 PM

High School Level Despair Team

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Walls, areas full of people, crowded more than at one time. It was all but a bad dream for Kindle. He hated being around too many people at once, too many bad memories. Though, it was good in his favor as his mothering doll, Ellen, always embraced him when he was sad or depressed. Through years of this, it created a spark between the two that Kindle wishes not to feel. A Mother Complex.
"Kindle, it's time to wake up." Ellen, the tall mothering doll shook Kindle in his sleep on the couch in that apartment they call home.
"Oh come on... Let me sleep more..." Kindle tried to resist the shaking, as he felt far too sick to get off the couch. But as short moments went by, a sharp pain entered his side, causing him to wake with a start. "OKAY I'M UP."
"Good." Ellen, despite being a doll, can smile. Her body works as if human, though her skin remains the same. Wood. "Now, you have important things to do, including eating your breakfast." While Ellen was talking about the things Kindle had planned for today, Kindle had gotten himself up as he walked towards the dainty make-shift kitchen they still barely have.
"We also have to gain the supplies to fix up this apartment. You really let everything go." Ellen tilted her head as she sighed. "Too many people, I'll get the supplies later tonight." Kindle grunted as he grabbed the milk from the fridge. "Oh, and you have to have a shower and brush your teeth after your breakfast." Ellen walked off to collect the clothing for Kindle.
Not even kindle can remember the last time he ever got to sleep in. All he can remember clearly enough is how to speak and make coffee. Which is what he does every morning. Aside from the occasional apple, as an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And that would be a dream.
"Kindle, your bath is ready!" Ellen called out from the bathroom. Kindle chugged down the last of his coffee and ate the last bite of his apple, then put them both down to head to the bathroom. As it has been for the past years, Ellen would stand by the door watching Kindle bathe. As if a protective mountain lion protecting her young.
All morning chores were finished, and it was time for Kindle to head out. Ellen was dressed in a blue summer dress with a blue summer hat. Kindle wore his normal army camo hoodie, blue jeans, and black shoes. "Remember to behave yourself, Kindle darling." Ellen sweetened her voice as they walked down the hall, and down the stairs out of the apartment building.

Cecilia wore a shirt that day, which said "Fuck me. Hard." Though. Nobody really thought much of it, and she remained a virgin. THE END.

 Posted: Aug 13 2013, 02:47 PM

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Brahian awoke to the sound of cawing. Loud, erratic, irritating. The worst form of alarm clock. And yet, it was music to his ears.

"Good morning, my little Birdies," he sighed as he reached out to pet one of them. The Bird cooed comfortably, ruffling its feathers slightly.

"First day in the city and we're already getting an early start, huh?" he yawned. "Well, try not to get used to it. You guys know I'm not a morning person..."

The Birds were silent. They always were.

Brah looked out his window before exiting his room. Sure enough, the Creepy Guy was still Standing In The Background. He didn't even bother looking for the Spiders. The Spiders were always there.

He went into the bathroom, brushed his teeth, then made sure there were no Spiders in the shower before turning the faucet on. The house still felt very unfamiliar to him, but he felt he might as well make himself as comfortable as he wanted. It was nice of the city to give him the house for free. Well, he knew he'd have to pay for it eventually, but... He'd cross that bridge when he got there.

After a nice, cold shower he changed into his usual clothes before stepping into the kitchen and grabbing a box of cereal. Making sure there were no Spider holes in the box (those things had a serious knack for eating through his things), he grabbed a bowl and a spoon from the counter and poured himself some cereal.

"So what's on the agenda for today, Birdies?" he asked as he got a gallon of milk out of the fridge. One of the Birds handed him a folded up sheet of paper while the others fluttered around the kitchen, eating the Spiders on sight.

"Uh huh," he muttered as he read the paper while pouring the milk into the bowl. "Mm hm. Okay. Yes. Alright." He crumpled up the sheet of paper and stuffed it in his pocket, then picked up the bowl and started eating his cereal.

Sitting in the chair next to the window, he looked outside as he ate. "You didn't visit last night, Creepy Guy," he said to the figure who stood in the distance. "I was feeling lonely." This was a lie, of course. He hated the nightmares, the terror, the feeling of helplessness. But he wouldn't let them know that.

He crushed a Spider that was crawling up to his chair. "Not on my watch," he muttered, trying not to think of the gross, disgusting Spider guts that were now smeared all over his shoe.

"Not hungry anymore," he muttered. "Eat up, Birdies," he said, placing the bowl back on the table as his Thunderbirds flew over to it. Grabbing his satchel, he opened the front door and walked outside. "I wonder what kind of job I can find in a town like this..."

Come Day of Wrath, O Pulse l'Cie
Embrace thy fate, thine home to burn
That fallen souls may bear our plea
To hasten the Divine's return
O Piteous Wanderer, Ragnarok
Make of this day a grave epoch
Deliver the Divine, Ragnarok
 Posted: Aug 13 2013, 09:33 PM

The Mother of the Willow

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Shadows was never afraid of heights, or of falling, really. It wasn't as if she had never been up high before; she was very used to being roughly eight feet up on her Slendertype's shoulders as a form of transportation, and with its multiple sturdy limbs doing the walking she felt even safer, clinging so as not to take a tumble.

The one thing she had never gotten used to, though, was the teleportation. She never liked how it made her feel nauseous, dizzy, and just all around ill, but hey - when the fastest way to the city gates was literally as quick as blinking and you being there, it sure beat carpooling.

"Jesus, Evergreen, set me down, it's bad enough feeling sick without you swaying like that."

///My apologies,/// it responded, calmly picking her off its back with a tendril and setting her down gently. ///When you are ready, we can continue.///

Shadows slowly came to her senses and shook off the nausea. Thankfully it passed quickly, and she was well used to it by now.

As they approached, an armed guard and his Nighttype stopped them. The Nighttype feverishly began going through its checklist in an orderly fashion, chirruping to itself as it checked off item after item.

"Withers, Willow?"

"That'd be me, yes," Shadows responded. "Give me a briefing on the nature of this mission."

"A.R.K. convoy inbound," The guard responded. "Quite a large one, too. Carrying perishables - food, drugs, fresh uncontaminated water. We have reason to believe Phobia Designition "Viral" is attempting to infiltrate the supplies and contaminate them."

Willow and Evergreen both tilted their heads in confusion.

"English, please," she said, and the guard sighed.

"Plague Doc might be after the convoy, don't let it get close," the guard said, turning to his Nighttype. "Shade, could you go ask the tower guards to open the gates, please?"

The Nighttype saluted with a shadowy arm, and proceeded to clamber up the side of the wall to the gateway towers.

Evergreen's gaze looked off towards the city gates, sensing something beyond its walls. There was some sort of uneasiness in the air today, and it didn't like it, not if both it and its Bearer had to go out there. Not that it was worried for itself; no, it was more worried about Shadows, and this particular type of uneasy aura, it knew from experience, bore the mark of an entirely different type of shadow...

///Shadowchild, there may be Nightlander activity Outside. Be alert.///

"Oh not those fucks again," Shadows sighed. "What is their deal with attacking food convoys, can't they find someone or something else to bug? It's not like they can eat any of the food, all they do is fuck shit up."

///And if we do not approach this properly, the convoy will not be the only thing that they 'fuck up', as you put it.///

"Understood. Time for serious. Eyes on the prize, Evergreen; let's send them running." Her focus grew more intense as the two approached the slowly opening gates. "Start tracking. Lead us to the A.R.K."

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