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 Welcome to Dawn of Fear!, Fear is powerful, Fear is power.
 Posted: Aug 11 2013, 10:17 PM

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Welcome to the Dawn of Fear (DoF) RP! This RP was created by myself based on a thoughtlet I had concerning the Fear Mythos. If there exist Fears that are all-encompassing, what if there also exist personal versions of these Fears? Furthermore, what if, if you managed to control said Fears, they could act as a sort of personal demon, weapon, ally, or tool? Based on this, I decided to make this RP. This RP is freeform, meaning that anyone can start a storyline in this forum at any time. Just please be sure to be inclusive. :3

The Backstory:

Twenty years ago, they arrived. The manifestations of horror, nightmares, and Fear itself. In fact, that was what they called them - Fears. Creatures of eldritch design and alien intent that could not be fought, could not be bargained with, and could not be escaped. We had thought they would be satisfied picking off one human at a time.

We were wrong.

They attacked us first. Some in groups, some with their own servants, some alone. Our militia were useless against such powerful, abstract beings, our knowledge failed us, and many died. But eventually, we found a way to deal with them, a way to fight back and deal with our own anxieties. We started to win, but even when one died, another version of it took its place, and soon humanity's population dwindled.

But then a very strange thing began to happen. As we began to die off, so too did they. As they injured us, so too did they begin to suffer from starvation and injuries. And at some point, either they or us, realized that neither one could exist without the other. They needed our fear and belief in them to survive. And we needed them to remind us we weren't truly the apex predator, weren't as great as we believed we were, and weren't invincible. And that was when the war ceased - with the Fears simply turning back. Not that the attacks stopped entirely, but they did become much less severe, and never again after that did such a blatant assault by them occur.

For us humans, this meant one thing - we'd have to rebuild. Not just our cities, but our own shattered psyches and our own anxious minds. Steel and concrete is easily rebuilt, but the human mind is easily scarred. As we began to reconstruct our fallen buildings, so too did our minds construct things. Manifestations of those creatures we had once fought off, physical beings created based on our own fears so aptly exploited by the Fears in battle. It was far too much for some - they broke down, becoming slaves to their own inner demons. For others, it was too easy to overpower them, banishing them as they attempted to fight back against their own personal Fears. Just as humanity began to rebuild itself, now a schism was tearing us apart. Those sane enough to do so left and formed their own bands, those driven insane as slaves to their own phobias were either exiled or left on their own. And the rest of us continued to restore our society as we knew it, dealing with our own mental strain, learning to live with our personal Fears. In fact, that was just what we called them - Personal Fears.

Just about everyone nowadays has at least one Personal Fear. It's considered a fact of life, even as attacks by the Fears continue to happen and the Nomads continue to insist we are dooming ourselves. But what else can we do? Humankind is little more than us and our inner demons made flesh. We can only trust ourselves and our Personal Fears now to keep us safe. After the Dawn of Fear... what else is there to do but accept?

Are There Rules For This RP?

Besides the general forum rules, only a few.

1) Bearers can only have up to Three Personal Fears, and Bearers must play all Personal Fears they create as well as themselves.
2) No making your character so powerful that it wouldn't make sense in this context, even if they are a Personal Fear. Basically use common sense and don't make your characters able to destroy a Fear single-handedly, that's boring.
3) Please try to behave in-character given the circumstances of the story. No God-modding plz, and try to take serious moments seriously.

Sounds Cool! How Do I Sign Up?

All you need to do is fill out one of the templates, and post it in the relevant thread. Anyone can jump in at any time but we'll officially be starting the RP when we have at least three or four people. You'll be playing either a Nomad (someone who does not have a Personal Fear and mistrusts those who do) or a Bearer (someone who has a Personal Fear). Bearers additionally need to fill out a template for their Personal Fear's character as well. You may have no more than 3 Personal Fears. The idea's that you ARE your character, but you may choose to create a character if you like. Here is the basic template for reference:

General Templates

* = Bearer-Only question
# = Servant-Only question

Name (You may use your screen name):
Gender (You may choose an option besides "male" or "female"):
Faction (Please answer either Nomad or Bearer):
* Personal Fear (Name your Personal Fear and explain what they are):
# Servant of (What Fear do you serve?):
Favorite Fear(s) (Please choose a few favorite Fears of yours. Outer Fears count, too):
* Afraid Of (Please list some specific things you're afraid of, ideally things that match up to a specific Fear):
Any Special Skills/Abilities? (PLEASE keep these to a sane level; that means no making yourself mega-powerful! Bearers can and do have abilities granted by their Personal Fears, but that does not mean they are superhuman):
Backstory (Bearers, please explain how you met your Personal Fear. Nomads, please explain how you came to the conclusion that Personal Fears are not to be trusted, and how you destroyed yours if you had one in the past):

* Name of Personal Fear:
* Personal Fear Type (What Fear does the Personal Fear look/act most like?):
* Name of Bearer (Who is this Personal Fear connected to?):
* Relationship With Bearer (Does the PF treat you more as an equal, as an underling, or as someone above them?):
* Personality:
* Any signature or special abilities/moves in combat?:
* Backstory (If applicable):

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